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Hayastan (Armenia) backgammon with copyrighted Mount Ararat outline
Hayastan (Armenia) backgammon with copyrighted Mount Ararat outline
  • Brand :
    Hrachya Ohanyan
  • Size:
    50/50/3 cm
  • Wood:
  • Weight/Weight with package:
    4/5.5 kg

This unique backgammon features our copyrighted outline of the magnificent Mount Ararat and is carved from one piece of beech wood. “ Hayastan”  and Khor Virap Monastery are engraved on the piece. The Armenian name of the country, Hayastan,  derives from Hayasa, which means the country of Armenians. Khor Virap is one of the most sacred places in Armenia and a popular site of pilgrimage.

The other side of the backgammon is designed for the game of checkers. This model is completely handcrafted. It is varnished. The hinges and locks are made of cast bronze. The entire playing field is hand carved of one piece of wood.

The set includes:

  • 32 playing pieces, made of beech and walnut wood, with velvet fabric applied to bottom of each piece,
  • Dice made from billiards balls,
  • Branded case with wooden handle.

Our products come with a 25-year guarantee certificate.

The author of the beautiful backgammons and other products with Mount Ararat outline is Hrachya Ohanyan. This copyrighted feature has been used in our products since 2000.

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370 $
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